Our history

Equitin was founded in 2016 by three Partners: Erik Hallgren, Maciej Gorski and Piotr Kulikowski as a friendly spin-off from Oresa, where Erik had delivered profitable investments for over 20 years. All the Partners have a documented, successful track record on the Polish market.

Our investors

Each of the three Founding Partners has personally invested in this venture.

What is more striking, among our shareholders we have: entrepreneurs in whose companies we had invested in the past, buyers of those companies, a family office for whom we have invested in the past.

All of our investors have a long track record of building successful companies in Poland. Their network and know-how is a valuable resource for Equitin.

Our approach

We believe that dynamic companies need capital to develop and accelerate the growth. But cash is not the only thing on offer. We partner with entrepreneurs and managers to take an active role in driving the portfolio companies forward. We are engaged shareholders who are focused on long-term value creation.

Equitin is structured as an evergreen investment and holding company. We do not have a fixed term for our holding period or exit - we want to maximize the shareholder value. We can buy out existing shareholders and/or put funds into the company based on changing needs of the company and its founders. That flexibility is one of our strengths that sets us apart from traditional private equity funds.

Our objective is to invest EUR 3-6 million per portfolio company taking a majority stake. In the right circumstances we are prepared to increase our investment.

Our values

The fact that the entrepreneurs on both sides of our previous transactions have entrusted Equitin with their personal funds speaks for itself. It reflects more about our values and way of conducting business than any list of buzzwords. Partnership, Professionalism, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, Respect and Honesty are there.

These values are what we embrace and offer to our shareholders & future partners, selected entrepreneurs and managers.