Our Target Segment

We invest in dynamic SMEs with a strong EBITDA and proven business model.

Our preferred sectors

We focus on service sectors where we have in-depth experience from the last 20 years; notably education, financial & business services, healthcare and niche consumer products & services.

These sectors benefit from favourable long-term trends in Poland, including use of new technologies, outsourcing, demographics and consumer lifestyle changes. Given our track record, we feel very comfortable operating in this space.

Our Hands On Approach

We believe that creating value requires the right people doing the right things. We also believe in close cooperation between shareholders and entrepreneurs. Our strategy centres on an active hands-on involvement in portfolio companies. We pride ourselves on always being engaged, whether setting the strategic direction, bringing the right talent on board, or taking interim management positions.

Why Equitin?

Investing in companies and helping them grow is more than a job. It needs passion, talent and instinct. We have proven that. Now we look forward to new challenges & business partners.