Equitin Advisors

Equitin Advisors is a wholy owned subsidiary of Equitin Partners focused on providing advisory services to small and medium companies in Poland as well as to their shareholders and financing parties. The Company is serving mainly, but not only, needs of Equitin Partners and its portfolio companies.

Vast experience of the Team as well as an access to a large network of polish and international experts allows Equitin Advisors to add value in all aspects of companies' operations or investment processes. This might include i.a.:

  • assessment of company's potential, financials and business plans,
  • developing commercial, financial and organisational strategy,
  • building financial and valuation models,
  • search and selection of investment projects,
  • projects aimed to improved company's effectiveness,
  • assisting in obtaining debt financing and/or improving financing structure,
  • sector research and screening,
  • finding investors, trade or JV partners as well as industry experts
  • building marketing plans and communication strategies,
  • coordinating due diligence processes,
  • providing personnel assessment, training and recruitment services.

As a Team we also have a track record in outsourced management and supervision contracts aimed to improve shareholder value.